3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc.


3d Regt. Iowa Cavalry Vol, Co D

Camp Guard


The Camp Guards

are soldiers, age 16 and up,  For those who want to take part in Civil War Reenacting but do not want to stomp around a battle field.  Of, course if there is a time you wish to see the elephant you are more than welcome to join us on the field.

Uniform and weapons requirements: Uniform same as the enlisted trooper ; period correct pistol & carbine

Tents: Officer-Ofc wall

                  NCO-A or wedge, or NCO/Sgt

                  Enlisted-A frame, or Wedge tent or Shelter/Dog tent

  • Fall in for morning formation, roll call, weapon’s inspection
  • Standing guard during battles and when ordered to do by the Commanding Officer.  Depending on the number of soldiers we have to do guard duty, times will be set and a rotation of guards will be done during the longer time frames.

      At battalion events, your duties will encompass the battalion’s duty area (tent site)

  • Assisting with other duties as needed in camp when not on guard

Rank Structure:

A 2nd LT will be in charge of the Camp Guard with a Sgt and Cpl to assist as well cover in his absence.

Number of troopers needed to have a 2nd Lt:    8

Number of troopers needed to have a Sgt:         4

Number of troopers needed to have a Cpl:         6

2nd Lt Duties

Reports to the Commanding Officer of Company D

  • Will be firm, fair and impartial
  • Knows and can teach the School of the Soldier
  • Knows all the duties of the Sgt and Cpl
  • Completes the paperwork work required for mounting of the guard
  • Completes a morning report and turns into the Commanding Officer prior to Officer’s call each morning-noting those who is in camp and the those wanting to go on the battle field

 Sgt’s Duties:

  • Knows all the duties of the 2d Lt
  • Knows all the duties of the Cpl
  • Knows and can teach the School of the Soldier
  • Will be firm, fair and impartial, not arrogant
  • Reports Discipline problems to the 2d Lt
  • Responsible for squad/detail equipment
  • Commands work, guard, police and fatigue details
  • Make sure all soldiers going on guard have full canteens and ammo
  • Will keep a roster book and guard book of all soldiers on camp guard detail
  • Issue passes as well as keep record of those passes issued
  • Reports to the 2d Lt, number of soldier for guard duty each morning and evening
  • Fill out guard reports and give a duplicate to the 2d Lt
  • Checking of guards during the day and evening

 Cpl’s Duties:

  • Know the duties of the Sgt
  • Knows and can teach School of the Soldier
  • Will be firm and fair not arrogant; obedience
  • Examples of neatness, cleanliness and promptness
  • Reports to and takes orders from the Sgt
  • Reports discipline problems to the Sgt
  • Cpl of the Guard
  • Cpl of the Police
  • Responsible for small details on fatigue, police, and garrison duty and equipment use

Private’s Duties:

  • Knows the duties of a soldier on picket, police guard,
  • Knows the School of the Soldier
  • Standing guard

  Since this is a new department, the Commanding Officer will oversee this unit till an Officer and NCOs can be chosen. 

Here are the requirements:

To be considered for the three open ranks. A soldier,

  • Researches and learns what is needed for them to be a soldier
  • Strives to be the best soldier, they can be and is willing to take on more responsibility
  • Is a team player
  • Has Military bearing
  • Follows Military protocol
  • Attends 75% of events

There are other qualities and intangibles that we will be looking for and how do you find what they are?  That’s for you to figure out.  With this new unit, no rank position will be filled for one year. all those wishing to attain a rank position will be put on a list and you will be watched carefully.

Required Books: All soldiers

Camp and Outpost duty-1862 by Butterfield

School of the Soldier

Cooke’s Cavalry Manuel by Cooke

1861 Army Regulations

Revised 1861 Army Regulations

Officer and NCOs:

The 1862 Army Officer’s Pocket Guide by Craighill

 Those intereseted in being a Camp Guard contact:

Capt Baker          bkroeger@fbcom.net

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