3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc.


Uniform Requirements


The uniform is the core of your impression. Your basic uniform and general items are listed below. There are choices in some items. The Company has a few uniforms, equipment items, and weapons for a short time use till you're able to buy them. Check with  Baker or any of the veterans of the unit and they will help you out.

Enlisted Trooper

Basic Uniform and Equipment

Hat - dark blue forage also known as the bummer, black slouch, Hardee Hat

Dark Blue Jacket - Sack Coat , Shell Jacket - plain: 1861- nine button or 1863- seven button shell jacket. Also in use was the 1854 Yellow trim shell jacket

Shirt -4 button style-Natural muslin-for ceremonies and parades, colored shirts-that were sent from home

Vest - dark blue military- A soldier in shirt sleeves, without a jacket or vest on,  was considered being indecent, so a vest will be required          when not wearing your jacket

Trousers - sky blue mounted or infantry

Suspenders-known as braces

Boots - Brogans - Cavalry Boots

Socks - Wool

Leathers (black) - Saber belt with square eagle buckle silver wreath, Holster-right side butt foreword, cap pouch, cavalry carbine box, optional-pistol cartridge pouch, cylinder pouch

Carbine Sling- Black leather belt with large snap, can be a first or second year item

Spurs- Plain enlisted style with black straps, mounted, dismounted optional

Haversack - Tarred canvas

Mess kit - plate, silverware - fork/spoon/knife-individually, folding or slide together, cup-large or small

Canteen-dark blue cover, stainless steel

Tent - individual trooper-shelter or Dog tent, "A" frame or wedge.  Family- wall

Weapons -Union Army had steel frame pistols,1851 Colt Navy  .36 cal, 1860 Colt Army .44 cal, Remington Navy .36 cal, 1858 Remington  New Army .44 cal, 1859 Sharps, Smith carbine, Saber - 1840 wrist breaker or 1860 light cavalry


Items ya might want to pick up in your first year:

Wood folding chair or stool


Pocket watch


Mounted great coat

Gauntlets - Buff/yellow, can be a first or second year item

Gloves-rag wool-full or fingerless

 Mounted Soldier Equipment

Any questions on any items on the list below
talk with the Commanding Officer or Mounted Safety Officer

Some items can be bought in your second year.


Horses-geldings and mares, prefer geldings

Dark color horses preferred but all colors were used during the War.


Enlisted/Officer tack is black leather.

  • 1859 McClellan Saddle
  • Girth
  • Saddle Blanket-navy blue with orange strip
  • An Officer can use a Shabraque
  • Surcingle-Required-Safety belt
  • Bridle 6 Buckle
  • Reins
  • 1863 Curb Bit
  • Curb Chain
  • Halter 1840-1865
    Lead Strap
  • Link Strap
  • Breast Collar with
  • brass heart or plain leather heart
  • Crupper

  • Other Items 
  • Carbine Socket
  • Pommel Holsters
  • Nose Bag
  • Curry and Mane Comb
  • US Hoof Pick
  • Saddle bags


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