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                         27th Annual Civil War Days, Keokuk, IA  

                                                 2014 UnionSoldier of the Year                                                                                                                                 

General Rich Hunt                                                               Capt. C. K. Baker 


The Soldier of the Year is awarded to a Union and Confederate Soldier chosen by the respective Overall Union & Confederate  Commanders

It is announce only at the Military Ball on Saturday night.


Andersonville GA

150th Anniversary of the Closing of Camp Sumter-May 1865

March 14-15, 2015

We honor the soldiers within the units we portray

by showing their bravery and glory

upon the fields of battle during reenactments.

Now, is the time to show the bravery of these men

as they fought to stay alive in Andersonville

175 Iowa soldiers (Pvt Ransom's list, 9th Mich Cav)

who died within the walls


are buried at Andersonville

53 men of the 3rd Regt Iowa Cavalry Volunteers were within the walls of Andersonville
Five 3rd Iowa Cavalry men lost their fight and were laid to rest at Andersonville

3rd Regt Iowa Cavalry Volunteers
Honor Roll
Andersonville Prison Camp

William Austin
Ephraim Cobb
J. W. Finer
Daniel Himes
Daniel Smith

See their gravestone photos in our photo gallery

Information on the event can be found at these websites:

Andersonville NPS-www.nps.gov/ande/

Event Coordinator: Georgia Sharpshooters-www.georgiasharpshooters.org/

To check on the number of soldiers from the Regiment you portray-civilwarprisoners.com/‎  

 Dispatch from Headquarters 01 Apr 2012

On Detached Service with the 3d Regt Iowa Cavalry, Co D

Soldiers from the 2d Regt Iowa Cavalry, Co B (see Troopers page)



The Third Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Incorporated

was founded in February of 2006,
by a handful of inexperienced reenactors and a couple of history buffs. 

Our Mission
our Corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose
of educating the general public about the Civil War,
through lectures, reenactments, historical portrayals, and
any other educational medium, of the
life and times of the Civil War Era.

Our Vision

 is to bring Civil War history to life

Our Pride in portraying the 3d IA Cavalry

Our Honoring the men who fought and died

Our Commitment to doing our best

Along with Teamwork

Will help fulfill our Mission

Board of Directors

Our unit, portrays the troopers of Company D, one of the twelve companies of the Third Iowa Cavalry Volunteer Regiment.  We have those with horse (mounted) and those without (dismounted).  At events we portray a garrison style camp,  so you'll  find the trooper's ladies, wives and children in camp as well.

Our unit is one that reveals what is sometime hidden within the folds of history. Within one of those folds, you'll find the woman soldier.  Our unit strives to honor that woman soldier and her service to her country. We do our best to blend in with the boys.

At events, we try to maintain a living history environment within our camp to use as a medium to help educate people on the lifestyle and conditions of the 1860's.  Such as open fire cooking, care and firing of period weapons, maintenance of equipment and uniforms, sewing, even period card and children games. Not quite sure what we mean by, "maintain a living history environment", well to best explain it, a Living Historian, is an amateur historian who interprets and teaches in a whole new way.  As a living historian, you become that soldier or civilian, a time traveler so to speak. And as you go through the day to day activities as they would of done back then, you teach with the 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.  Which can leave a haunting impression of life during the Civil War, upon those who experience it at an event. 

Recruits Wanted

Are you:

A civil war buff, who would like to take your passion one step further
A former reenactor, who wants to once more see the Elephant
One who has that itch and been thinking about becoming a part of a unit.
One who is thinking about it for the first time


There are a variety of roles; check with the Company Commander.

Individual and Families
of all ages and walks of life

A new Department is being added to our Company is year 2013,
Camp Guards. 

 Please Contact:

Capt C. K. Baker, Kathy Kroeger

2nd Sgt B. S. Smith, Bruce Kroeger
Weapon's Safety Officer

Tipton, IA

Civilian Spokespersons

Denise Lindemann


Janita Fisher


Was a regiment, that was continually praised for its gallantry in battle and had 5 Medal Of Honor Recipients. 

To learn more about the Third Iowa Cavalry's history visit: John Gunter's web site




"I Wanna Be In The Cavalry" is sung by Corb Lund. Permission was granted to the 3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc. by Jennifer Earl, Administrations Manager _ RGK Entertainment Group Inc. to be used on our web page.

 For more information about Corb Lund please click the link on his photo. And yes Jennifer, we totally support Corb Lund. 

The entire Third Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc.

 We, the Third Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc., do not endorse or support any political group or individual.  We strive to follow our Mission Statement.

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