3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc.


                                                                                                     1st Sgt C. K. Baker                                 


Part of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc., mission is to honor the Women Soldiers, who served and died in the Civil War. The woman soldier is a fold in history and the public today are unaware of those women. At events, I've asked the question, "How many women were soldiers in the Civil War."  I usually get a blank stare or they say none.   The poem below asks who would remember me?

The Woman Soldier

Once I stood in the ranks of Blue.
Once I stood in the ranks of Gray.
Fighting for a cause so true

Wondering-who would remember me today?

Disguised as a man; filled with alarm.
An enemy's bullet could yet slay
This woman's life-or cause me harm.
Who would remember me today?

The missiles, they whistle through the air.
A "rebel yell" from those in gray.
The victor's shout, the loser's despair.
Who would remember me today?

A last volley sent from hidden lines,
Of sudden shock! Life fades away.
Crimson springs from this body mine.
Pray-Who would remember me today?

Please lay me in grave, unmarked
And place me where my comrades lay.
Remember this battle with a park
And please, remember me today.

"The Woman Soldier" from Clad in Uniform Women Soldiers of the Civil War (Collingswood NJ. C. W. Historical copyright 1991) By Wendy King, it is with her permission that this poem is written here.

Who would remember me today?  I will.

In 2006, I began my journey as a time traveler and became a Civil War woman soldier.  I've tried to honor the woman soldier by educating the public and  by doing my best to blend in with the boys.