3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc.

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      2018 Events 

     Updated 15 Jan 2018



Mar 10-11           Andersonville, GA-Living History

Apr 20-21            Co D Spring Muster

May 4-5              Camanache Middle School Civil War Days MAX EFFORT   

                          Students School Day Friday, open to public 4-10pm; Sat open to public  830am-1pm

       19-20           Nasuha, IA-Reenactment

            28           Buffalo, IA-Memorial Day Ceremony-one day event        


Jul 14-15            Cedar Rapids, IA “Reflections of the Civil War”-Reenactment

Aug  18-19          Galesburg, IL

Sep 14-15           Davenport, IA “Celtic Festival & Highland Game”-Living History                   

Oct   14-15          Princeton, IL "Shadows of Blue and Grey"

             27          Company Year End Meeting

Dec 08                Tipton, IA “Tour of Lights”-3 hour event



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