3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors Inc.

Dear Public:

You are invited to Camanche Middle School Civil War Days.

Come and enjoy the day

Maybe have with tea with President Lincoln and Mrs Lincoln

Talk with soldiers about the War of the Rebellion
Come and smell the wood smoke

Hear the cannons and guns roar
See how soldiers lived while on the march

How women coped with the hardships of war
See how soldiers were cared for by the Doctors, Hospital Stewards & Nurses

Come and help unfold the folds of American Civil War
What folds you ask?

How many young boys under 18 fought? 

How many of those  boys under the age of 18, were recipients of the Medal of Honor?

When was the Medal of Honor Created?

Who proposed the creation of such a Medal?
What did it look like?

How many theaters of war were there & what states did they involve?

What is the Trans-Mississippi?

What Battles beside Gettysburg were important to turning the tide of war for the Union?

Did women disguise themselves as men and go off to war?

How far west did the war go?

What battle was the Gettysburg of the West?

So, you see, there is a lot to find out & experience on your day of helping; Keep History Alive. 

We are in the planning stages and do hope to have one or both Lincolns for talks and tea. 

These folks are on the schedule:

The Attic Belles-a group of ladies, who portray women who lived in that era, who they were, what they did to survive and                                            how it changed them.

Acostic Mayhem-Civil War band, will be playing for the Military Ball-come and dance or just watch 

Student Sham Battle-Erin Montgomery's 8th graders who are divided: Union & Confederate troops-come and see what they
                                          learned about their time in the civil war 

Reenactor Sham Battle-the men in Blue and Gray, will also battle to see who will win the day

Battle of the Bands & Choirs-Students from Camanche Middle School will play the songs each side cherished during
                                                      war.  What song was banned during the war as it would cause soldiers to desert and go home?

Reenacting units:


3rd Regt Iowa Cavalry

3rd Iowa Lt Artillery Battery

24th Iowa Infantry

24th Iowa Medical Dept


Scott's TN Lt Artillery Battery

Have you wanted to be a reenactor and didn't know where to start?  Come and talk with the units as we all are looking for new recruits, What was the name given to a new recruit and it is not the one used today?
   Who knows you may see the elephant that day?   If, you wish to participate in the reenactor battle-contact Kathy Kroeger-bkroeger@fbcom.net-Children under 18, must have a parent present-have had Hunter safety-bring copy of Certificate and be 14 yrs old. 

Here is our work in progress Schedule:

Event Tent**

Friday, May 4, 2018

Saturday May 5, 2018                                                

Scavenger hunt for the kids-all day

0830    Camps open/Officer's call**


Please bring lawn chairs/blankets   Food and beverages available  on grounds


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